To launch the premiere date of the new Game of Thrones season, we broke Facebook Live – with flamethrowers, a block of ice, and an insanely dedicated fanbase. With over 10,000 comments per minute and millions of live views... well, things didn't go as planned. But a cultural moment was born.


  • Most comments ever on any Facebook Live

  • 16k+ comments per minute

  • Trended twice at same time in U.S.: #1 & #4

  • Trended #2 worldwide


ECD: Jeff Anderson
Creative: Ben Morejon, Andrew Curtis, Andrew Hunter, Doug Murray
Dev: Unit 9/Facebook


 2017 Cannes, Shortlist, Entertainment

2017 Cannes, Shortlist, Media

2017 Cannes, Shortlist, Cyber 2x

2017 Cannes, Shortlist, Digital Craft

2017 FWA


Press: A lot.