There are dozens of mental health awareness campaigns out there saying the same thing – we need to talk about it. But why would anyone want to speak up about their condition when there's so much stigma?

With three simple words we set out to change that. #IWILLLISTEN let those impacted by mental illness find friends that were willing to listen. Turning social networks into support networks. Removing the awkwardness of speaking up. It started with three words but led to a 3,000% increase in Facebook likes, a trending hashtag, an album, college outreach, workplace summits and even changed local legislation.

We even created an album for #IWILLLISTEN, check it out: here.


GCD: Howard Lenn
CD: Christopher Franzese
Creative: Ben Morejon, Andrew Curtis


2014 Cannes Shortlist
2014 MMA Smarties Silver & Bronze
2014 Clio Health, Gold
2015 Clio Health, Silver
2015 Clio, Bronze, Branded Content
2015 Effies

Hashtag trended at #4 nationally on Twitter
NY Times
Huff Post
Wall Street Journal
Scientific American
Featured in Creativity
Featured on local CBS news affiliates