A smattering of television.

A little inspiration to get people baking. And bake the world a better place.

ECD: Chris Dealy
Creative: Andrew Curtis, Dom Al-Samarraie, Bona Jeong, Sam Bartos


DIRECTV wanted to remind customers to set their parental controls. We wanted to remind their customers what happens when they don't.

Director: Daniel Fries/Leroy + Clarkson
Creative: Paul Caiozzo, Andrew Curtis

FUSE News launch.

Director: Daniel Fries/Leroy + Clarkson
Creative: Julian Bevan, Andrew Curtis

Helped write episodes for the second season of PBS Kid's show "Professor Fizzy's Lunch Lab". Worked with Hero4Hire director Evan Sussman. We almost won an Emmy for our efforts. But, Emmy nominated just sounds cooler.