When everybody is making wearable tech to help people monitor their performance, we created raceable tech to improve the performance of runners in real-time.

The PUMA BeatBot is a programmable, self-driving, line-following robot that inspires PUMA runners of all levels to push harder. By giving them a real visual target to beat, not just the time on a stopwatch.

Runners can enter the time and distance of the race they want to replicate, place the unit on the starting line of a track – and go. The BeatBot will then pace out the programmed race. Letting people race their own best time, their rival’s best time and even Usain Bolt’s best time. With a top speed of 44KMH, BeatBot can recreate Bolt’s record-shattering 100m dash. Letting runners witness firsthand just how fast the world’s fastest man is.


  • 9 infrared sensors read the line on a track

  • Wheel rotations determine speed and distance

  • Data is processed in real-time, making over 100 maneuvers a second to stay on line, navigate bends and maintain pace

  • Front/rear GoPro cameras record race



ECD: Emmanuel Lallevé, Florent Imbert
Creative: Karl Ackermann, Ben Morejon, Andrew Curtis
Dev: 10xBeta


2016 Cannes, Silver, Cyber
2016 Cannes, Shortlist, Promo & Activation, Use of New Tech
2016 Cannes, Shortlist, Promo & Activation, Durable Consumer Goods
2016 Cannes, Shortlist, Creative Data

2016 Clio, Shortlist, Product Design

Featured in Creativity, TechCrunch, Mashable, Worldstar Hip Hop, Wired, Forbes, Endgadget, GQ, Daily Mirror, Devour, DesignBoom, PSFK, Mens Fitness and many more.
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